“The End of The World” trailer 1

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Ealier this year I was in Tokyo and decided to shoot a short film.

The film entitled “The End of The World” deals with themes of revenge and the cycle of violence that we as a human race seem

to have a natural ability to propogate.

Shot in 2 days around Tokyo the cast included

Yuya Isikawa from “the Machine Gun girl” fame


Masanori Mimoto of “Ninja vs Alien” and “Bushido Man”

Writer/DIrector : Jon Hoh
Producer : Alex Paille

Nobuyasu Fujisawa
Eiji Leon Lee
Yuya Isikawa,
Takurou Kodama,
Masanori Mimoto.
Maki Mizui
Yuji Uwada
Kensaku Tamura

My First Burn

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Hard Drives 4 Zombies : teaser

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“Hard Drives for Zombies” Production Stills

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Catlin Macintosh seems to be yelling some kind of obsecenity @ the director.

In this Pic : Catlin Macintosh, Quoc Ngyuen, Jon Hoh. RPG-7 prop by Steve Scholz.

Zombie Quoc gets kicked by Schoolgirl Catlin while being held back by Zombie Kirstin. Director Jon Hoh is NOT looking up schoolgirl Caitlin’s skirt.

Pictured : sunt Coordinator Dean Bennett, Stunt Assists John Bennett and Chris Morris, preping Director Jon (not a scared shitless look on my face) Hoh for the Zombie Posty burn.

Why would anyone risk anything for you if you were not first willing to risk everything of yourself?

All suited up for the burn.

Pictured : Dean Bennett, Chris Morris

Stills by Gary Williams

Hard Drives for Zombies

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The Final Cast and crew for the film “Hard Drives for Zombies”

Cast :

Catlin J Mackintosh

Quoc Ngyuen

Kirstin Tommasini

Brendan Li

Darren Thon

Jip Panosot

Stunt Coordinator : Dean Bennett

Stunt Assist : John Bennett, Chris Morris

Makeup : Jenny Ooi

Props : Steve Scholz

Stills : Gary Williams

Writer/Director/Producer : Jon Hoh


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It seems like I’ll be shooting a Zombie film in the next 2 weeks…. -_-b

CAST : Catlin Jane Mcintosh

Quoc Ngyuen

Kristen Tamanisi

Stunt Coordibator : Dean Bennet

Make-up : Jenny Ooi

Writer/Director : Jon Hoh


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